The Whirlpool FFD 8448 BSV UK washing machine provides 8KG capacity, 1400rpm spin and an impressive A+++ -30% energy rating. The appliance includes a range of innovative technology and special features that enhance washing results, maintain the quality of the fabric and help you with automatic settings. 


Technology & Innovation

6th sense technology includes 6th sense intelligent sensors that adapt resources according to the size and type of washing load, offering time, energy and water optimisation. This will help you do your bit for the environment and also save you money on your energy bills.

Thanks to the inverter motor you will have your washing done in absolute silence. The motor has been specifically designed to ensure a long lasting and silent performance, you will enjoy both clean washing with some extra peace and quiet. This does not affect the spinning efficiency as the appliance features a 1400 rounds per minute spin speed. 

The Whirlpool FFD 8448 BSV UK washing machine provides a steam hygiene feature where your laundry will be sanitized in the most natural and delicate way at the end of every cycle, even when washing at low temperatures. This feature is perfect for those with sensitive skin and is good for the environment too. This treatment removes up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria, keeping your clothes and other laundry as clean as possible. 

Steam Hygiene & Steam Refresh

As well as Steam Hygiene we also offer a Steam Refresh service which regenerates the freshness of your garments and helps to avoid unnecessary washing. Your clothes will be ready to use again in just 20 minutes. The machine will generate a flow of steam which will work its way into the fibres, removing unpleasant smells, smoothing any creases and relaxing fibres. 


Extra Features

Thanks to FreshCare+, you will be able to keep your laundry fresh for up to six hours after the cycle has finished. The innovative and delicate steam and spinning action will look after your laundry from the inside the appliance. 

The new FreshCare+ technology gently massages the laundry with slow movements alternated with steam actions which let the air circulate inside of the fibres, keeping your laundry fresh and preventing any bad odours. The FreshCare+ treatment will leave you clothes feeling fresher and give you peace of mind when washing your clothes. 

This washing machine will also be able to detect the level of soiling in your laundry and choose the optimal washing settings accordingly to give you perfect washing results every time. Finally the appliance has an energy rating of C which allows you to enjoy a superior performance at high energy savings, perfect for the environment and your wallet.