With latest advancements in technology, you have more than likely experienced and used artificial intelligence in some form, especially if you have a smartphone or have used streaming services such as Netflix.

Your smartphone will use artificial to comprehend human language and answer questions, yet artificial intelligence has the potential to go much further than the simple personal assistant you experience through your phone.

With home security systems seemingly becoming smarter, emerging is a new class of smarter intruder alarms. Becoming more common are systems which boast improved accuracy in detecting intrusion in your home whilst also reducing the chances of false alarms.

Since all of these advancements, experts believe that Artificial Intelligence could contribute even more in providing greater security levels and therefore giving you the chance to relax more at home, knowing your family is safe.

So, what is this extended security that Artificial Intelligence could bring to your home security system?

The Current Role of Artificial Intelligence in Home Security

Artificial intelligence is used mainly in two ways in security systems.

Firstly, video camera systems. These systems will have artificial intelligence integrated as a tool for facial recognition. This will help the camera to establish whether or not movement has been detected within your premises and whether it's caused by a member of the house or a trespasser.

In this case, facial recognition works by referring to a collection of photographs, uploaded to the system. The system will use these images to alarm the homeowner when the facial features of the person entering the house don't match the uploaded photographs.

Secondly, artificial intelligence is also used as a voice assistant in home security.

This allows you, the user of the system, to send voice commands to the security system as well as seamlessly enquire about the status of your home security and other such details.


Artificial Intelligence, Home Security and the Future

Currently, the use of artificial intelligence could be classed as limited, especially with the way technology around the world is developing. However, artificial intelligence has further potential and could be used in a way that completely changes the way we live and create a much greater sense of comfort and security within every household.

Artificial intelligence could be used to potentially create a fully 'smart' home which memorises the habits, choices and routines of those living there whilst also automatically modifying the settings of the security system it controls according to the occupants.

What's more, since an increasing number of home devices can be merged with existing home security systems, artificial intelligence could allow the system to independently perform without the homeowner's involvement.

This will give homeowners the added peace of mind that whilst they're away, their home is completely safe.

Artificial intelligence could also help in situations where a friendly person entering the house has caused a false alarm. AI would recognise them as a friendly person and avoid any inconvenience of the false alarm being raised. This would be achieved by gathering and analysing all data from such instances to allow the system to predict false alarms, potentially saving the homeowner time and resources.

Security systems with such technology would also be able to send images and videos captured of any intruders, to the police, to help with recovery of any stolen items.

Preparing for AI in Your Home

With both Artificial Intelligence and home security advancing and evolving at such a rapid pace as it is, it is vital that we use this to adapt to new threats which emerge and evolve over time. This can only be achieved by keeping up with changing trends and allowing ourselves to adopt this technology, as it could impact our day-to-day lives hugely.