This classic winter warmer is the perfect way to see off the cold, wet weather that we've experienced this month. With storms likely to continue into March this simple casserole and dumplings recipe from NEFF is sure to become a family favourite in your home. 


Beef Chunks, Chuck or Stewing steak works well - 500g

1 Onion

Button Mushrooms - 250g

Flour - 100g

Beef Stock - 500ml 

Unsalted Butter - 150g 

Milk - 50ml



1. Start by preheating your NEFF CircoTherm Oven to 130 degrees, on the Bottom Heat setting

2. Cover the beef chunks with flour to help absorb the fat that leaks out while cooking

3. Add the beef, chopped onion and mushrooms, as well as an extra seasoning you wish to use

4. Cover the ingredients with beef stock, ensuring all your dry ingredients are engulfed

5. Put into the oven to cook whilst you make the dumplings

6. Add the butter and flour together and create bread crumbs by mixing with your finger tips, add seasoning to taste. Add 50ml of milk, or as needed, to bind the mixture together

7. Scoop the dumplings and add them to the top of cooking casserole, leave to cook for another half hour. 




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